[Transcription] 140902 K-Pop Korner interview with Youngwon, Wanchul, and Jinhong 


This is a transcription of UK radio program K-Pop Korner’s interview with Youngwon, Wanchul, and Jinhong. The interview was entirely in English. Youngwon answered the majority of the time since his English was better than the others’.

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Tune in to K-Pop Korner in half an hour to hear an interview with Apeace members! 

No recordings are allowed so this is your chance! (It will be uploaded eventually but probably not for a while)

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Tomorrow, Apeace will be featured on UK radio program K-Pop Korner in an exclusive interview and showcase!  

The best part is YOU can tune in! K-Pop Korner streams worldwide on turquoiseradio.com. On mobile, you can go to listen.tqradio.com.

The broadcast will begin at 6pm in UK, which translates to these times in different time zones:

10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern (US)
7pm CET (Central Europe)
12am WIB (Jakarta - Indonesia)
2am KST/JST (Wednesday morning in Korea/Japan)

Support Apeace by tuning in at your time!

140824 JADE5 participated in a seminar with Makeup Artist Gakuin (メークアップアーチスト学院). They performed a mini live and hosted a talk session with the students (cr: ma-gakuin)

140824 JADE5 participated in a seminar with Makeup Artist Gakuin (メークアップアーチスト学院). They performed a mini live and hosted a talk session with the students (cr: ma-gakuin)

140827 Happy 17th birthday to Apeace’s maknae J.D! He received a gift from Big Bang’s Daesung - his album with a personal signed message


【사진】 유카타 사진 #Apeace #에이피스 #오닉스5 #ONYX5 #ヒョンソン #현성


【사진】 유카타 사진 #Apeace #에이피스 #오닉스5 #ONYX5 #ヒョンソン #현성

i'm an american fan i actually found and they sound great i will totally support you guys all they FIGHTING :3 .

Welcome to the fandom! I’m an American too actually! It’s good to have you <3

- Admin V

Who leads the first part of the chorus in veil (Iki ga tsumaru hodo Kurutte shimau hodoYasashiku damashite Boku wo madowasete) <- this part i see him in the DMZ performance I just can't identify him


That is Min Jinhong :)

97-line of Apeace

Self-introduction of the new admin 

Hey everyone~
I just joined to help with F Y Apeace.

I’ll tell you something about myself.
My name is Miira and I come from Finland. I have been a fan of Apeace since the We are the One –minialbum. My first Apeace bias was Dongho but now it has been Wonsik for the past ~3 years, after I saw them in Japan. He’s just so sweet and adorable haha. So far I have been to K Theater 7 times and I’m going to Japan again next month.

I listen to jpop and kpop and some cpop as well. Apart from Apeace my favorite groups are Supernova, Code-V, SHU-I, EXILE etc. I hardly listen to any Western music.

So I’ve introduced myself a bit to you before I start posting to fuckyeahapeace.
I will do my best to contribute to this blog in the future ^-^

140816 OT15~ Apeace at 2014 DMZ Peace Concert (cr: apeace-official)

140816 Apeace members Seunghyuk, Geonhee, and Wonsik at Philhouse in Seoul (cr: philhouse)

Greennews article: Apeace “DMZ Peace Concert, First Korean Stage Explosive Reaction” (via allstarapeace)

140816 Apeace performing VEIL Korean version at 2014 DMZ Peace Concert (cr: TopStarNews x,x via allstarapeace)

miiruli replied to your post: 140816 Apeace performs VEIL (Korean ve…

slightly better quality youtube.com/watch?v… (cr: mi ca @ Youtube)

Yes this is definitely better, thanks miiruli!